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What To Know | About Aramsco

                                                   Corporate Accounts:

                                                   We Offer What Others Can’t

                                                   Our Corporate Accounts team is designed
                                                   to assist large, multisite organizations
                                                   with their product and training needs.

                                                   Each corporate account has a dedicated
                                                   manager acting as the customer’s
                                                   gateway to the full Aramsco family of
                                                   businesses and services: product sales
                                                   and rentals, equipment repair, education,
                                                   and equipment financing.

                                                   The corporate account structure provides
                                                   a consistent procurement strategy to               f    Coordinated CAT response support
                                                   leverage pricing, terms, and services at all       f   Cost savings by pairing clients’
                                                   locations through local representation.               location(s) with the nearest Aramsco

                                                   The structure also offers specialized                 branch and service teams
                                                   purchase reporting to identify process             f   Customized product offerings and
                                                   activities and product trend analysis.                marketing materials to support:
                                                   Continuous improvement processes bring:
                                                                                                             ƒ Growth of the client’s brands
                                                   f    Reduced administrative cost through
                                                       supply chain consolidation                            ƒ  Consistency across multiple
                                                   f    Multisite implementation for consistent
                                                       message and data collection to ensure

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